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Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
Currently, I am located in Pahrump, Nevada. I am attending college in hopes of attaining an AA in Geosciences. Nature photography is what I do best when it comes to art, but I occasionally like to do other things like crochet.

I love photographing the Mojave Desert (in which I live), due to its hidden beauty that many just do not see. It makes my day when I receive comments from people who have never experienced a desert, exclaiming how they wish they could visit the sights I photograph, which are practically in my backyard.

My recent photos are taken with the camera featured in my profile pic (GE X500). No, it is not a DSLR but is rather a full featured non-DSLR. It's a like a mid point between a point-and-shoot (compact) camera and a DSLR. I am slowly mastering all of the the manual settings and learning to edit like a pro. One day, I will get me one of the shmancy, fancy DSLR's but for now I am happy with what I have.

Facebook :…
dA really, ought to allow to have a wider variety of current moods, I am more than just tired, I'm exhausted. :exhausted: 

Nothing about Mike's house is going as easy as we had hoped. We were finally, with a lawyer's help, able to start the eviction process on Mike's mom, so we can get back into the house and potentially live there. Problem is that she is now fighting the eviction (she of course as a tenant has a right to fight), and has a lawyer too. She even filed a suit against my Mikey, for a an action of quiet title. Essentially she is trying to weasel herself onto the deed of the home, while acknowledging she doesn't own the home as the deed is currently written. We go court for the eviction on Monday, and the litigation is ongoing and our lawyer is really trying to solve things before we have to go court for it.  This whole process, is one of the most pain -in-the ass and expensive things I have ever witnessed. :ugh: 

Mike and I are still living together in a tiny room at my parents house. I enjoy co-habitation with him, but geeze, sometimes my room gets way too cluttered and we really don't have a whole lot of privacy. In fact we barely see each other anymore, because of work, school, and all the legal stuff. It's tough, we live together and we see each other less than we did before he moved in! We've both been taking it hard. We haven't been talking as much, and we certainly don't have sex as much. I treasure every free moment I have with him now. We are really hoping this eviction will go through, so we can have some sense of normalcy because everything is topsy-turvy.Upside Down 

Through all of this bull crap, and exhaustion, I have been doing awful, terrible things to myself. I suppose I've never really learned how to cope with stress, and I've fallen back into some bad habits. I begged Mikey to promise not  to send me off to the emergency room and have me committed just yet, although I would be lying if I said I couldn't use the help. The gashes in my leg are pretty much healed at the moment . I am doing my best not to add to the collection, but some nights everything is just so hard. Depressed 

Luckily, school and work are going well. Work seems to like me quite a bit, they are currently in the process of the trying to figure out ways to add more hours to my schedule. I certainly cannot wait, I love my job. More hours would be much appreciated, I've got to bills to pay! School is going pretty well as well. There are only a few weeks left in the semester, and my grades are decent. 

Also one last thing. I've been cooking for Mike the last few weeks now, and he absolutely loves my cooking! It's ironic, I was never taught how to cook (my parents are clueless in the kitchen), I've learned everything I now from general research and watching food network! Laughing Tonight, I'll be making burgers, and tomorrow I was thinking of making chicken parmesan tomorrow night. :zombiedinner: 

Yeah, I did say I'll be cooking tonight (once I finish this journal actually), Mike has an awful work schedule. He has been working from 1 pm to 10 pm the last couple of weeks. Walmart is terrible to him, but unfortunately he has no where else to go.

Well guys, that's all I have for you at the moment. I will keep you updated as more comes up. :bonklers: 

Bye. I love you all.  Here's a kiss for you, my love! 

  • Mood: Tired
  • Playing: World of Warcraft
  • Drinking: Peach Iced Tea

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